The Colorado Coalition for Natural Health is a non profit organization working toward protecting
Health Freedom in Colorado.

We feel that ALL Natural Health Practitioners should have a legal right to practice.

We made history by passing SB13-215, The Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act"
Please ensure you are following all the new rules and disclosures!

In addition, HB13-1111, the Naturopathic Doctor bill passed.  Please read these rules and policies, and ensure that you do not use the N.D. Title unless you are qualified to do so.

Several of the CO-CNH Board members have been fighting bad legislation and protecting
Health Freedom in Colorado for 20 years!

CO-CNH makes numerous trips to the Capitol all year long
to speak to legislators and attend and testify at hearings.

CO-CNH is a 501c6 non profit organization that was formed in January of 1999.

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